Earlier this week Google had leaked a new app that it was working on titled Files Go, on the Google Play Store. This app is meant to help manage and share files between Android users, however, as quickly as it was launched it was pulled quickly from the store soon after. However, today the company is bringing the app back in the form of an early dev build as an open beta that anyone can try.

Files Go is designed to be a competing app against Apple’s AirDrop technology which is designed to help users manage files and clear out space on their phones. It does this by automatically finding apps they aren’t using and by detecting duplicate photos.

Aside from that the more interesting feature is the app has the ability to send and receive files from other local Android devices without the need for internet connectivity (which is akin to Apple’s AirDrop).

Recently Google has started its Android Go initiative which aims to provide a mobile device with a full suite of apps that are targeted to less powerful specced devices and this is seen with YouTube Go. This app is also in beta with similar features such as the local file sharing for downloaded videos.

The Files Go Beta is available now on the Play Store, but Google has yet to say when the final version will be released — or if, like YouTube Go, it will be restricted to specific regions when it is.


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