The smart watch has intrigued many tech analysts as the market has not quite adopted it as a standard, because they are expensive and are very limited. Now Google is reportedly working on a Smart Watch, and they might almost be done with it. This leaves us a lot of questions, what will it look like, what devices will it work with etc etc etc.

While smart watches are not adapted they are interesting, and they are a growing market. Google has always been the company that was leading innovation, and they might do that with their smart watch. However,this project has had no real information released, which means it is under lock and key in the Project X labs.

Would this device work with their popular Nexus devices, do this mean that we have the new Nexus devices around the corner as well?

The problem that smart watches have faced, was that they don’t have any purpose. Anything your smart watch can do your phone can do, and this is why consumers are very hesitant when it comes to buying these devices. Now Google might try to change things up and try to keep their Nexus Devices, Google Glass, and their smart watch together. This would be total control and a huge step in wearable tech.

Why is it Google was late to the game? Google is not one to be late to the party without having a good reason. Does this mean that Google has done something that they believe will beat the competition, or are they just late.

Only time will tell, and we are very limited on information at this time. However,we can be sure that Google is working on a smart watch because they are not going to miss this chance to make a decent impression on the market.


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