Google Sets Up Camera For Animal Selfies In LA Zoo


Google has partnered with the Los Angeles Zoo to add cameras into some of the animals enclosures.

Google has set up high-text cameras in the animal enclosures all over the L.A Zoo to help the animals take some good photos.

The cameras automatically snap photos when the animals come within a certain range. So far a sloth, tiger, warthog, and a few others have taken part in the photo shoot. This project is meant to be a cross promotion of both the natural wildlife that there is to be found a the zoo and to promote Google’s new service Google Photos. The service is basically the same as uploading your images to Facebook but allows you to manage them easier, and it gives you an almost unlimited amount of space (depending on image size). Below are some of the images already captured if you want to view all of them visit the publicly shared Google Photos Album.

The setup is rather simple. They are using a motion-activated equipment that has been strapped to a Nexus5X to capture each photo and while using a Nexus 5X doesn’t seem like the best way to capture some amazing photos it has managed to capture some interesting and funny shots particularly of the tiger and sloths.

Google is working hard to promote its new service as well as finally kill off Picasa Web Albums both of which are going to be important for the company to regain some interest in their relaunch of GooglePlus. However, Google is having a difficult time drawing interest in Google Plus due to a clunky new design.

Google Photos, on the other hand, has done very well and is receiving a lot of love from the community using it. The problem with Google Photos is that it’s clunky to use on desktop because Google continues to push its “material design” into areas that it doesn’t belong.

Whatever the reason is behind the selfies the animals seem happy, and we have a new way to interact with nature.


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