We have all used the handy little bookmark feature in our browsers and most of us have no problem so long as you are keeping five or six websites there. However, when you have several hundred websites or articles saved then you start to run into complications. The reason for this is because bookmarks are just simply ugly they are long lists or folders that look hideous and beyond that there are little more ways to organize them.

Google’s newest extension Bookmark Manager is more than just simple links it is organization and simplicity. This new extension works by pulling in your current list of Bookmarks and organizes them into folders based on their category. For instance, if I have cat pictures as my bookmarks the extension will read this and create an auto folder named cats and now all of my cat photos are in a neat and organized folder. Not only does it place the links there it gives a snapshot of what the page looks like this will help you find the bookmark that you want.

More importantly the extension will allow you to search your current bookmarks to help you find the specific one that you want. This can be quite handy when looking for a bookmark from a particular website or on a particular category.


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