Google has released a new game filled with a magical academy that has been overrun by ghosts and ghouls! A cat named Momo has accidentally summoned an evil spirit which stole the school master’s spellbook.

Google’s new doodle gets into the Halloween spirit as well with a new ghostly theme! While it’s a bit early it’s still not as early as some people and their Christmas decorations (you know who you are).

The game is really clever, where players get rid of the ghosts by drawing the symbol that hovers above their heads: A V and inverted V, horizontal and vertical lines, and lightning bolts. Players draw a heart to replenish their lives.

The game has five unique levels the library, cafeteria, classroom, the gym, and the rooftop. Each of the five rooms has their own boss and enemies. As you progress through each level the ghosts start becoming more and more difficult to defeat requiring even more complicated strings of symbols which you have to cast in the right order or you will lose!

Google made a post about the behind scenes process that went into creating the game and pointed out that the original game was about a cat and soup but they built off that idea to a wizard school.


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