Google announced earlier today that they would be releasing the source code for Chrome For IOS as an open source. This officially adds Chrome For IOS as part of the Chromium project. Google released a statement as to why the code was only recently released as open source.

Historically, the code for Chrome for IOS was kept separate from the rest of the Chromium project due to the additional complexity required for the platform. After years of careful refactoring, all of this code is rejoining Chromium and being moved into the open-source repository.

Essentially on IOS Google was forced to use Apple’s WebKit rendering engine instead of their own Blink engine. Because of this restraint Google withheld the IOS code because supporting both of the rendering engines in the same code base would be difficult and confusing to manage.

However, after a few years, and many code changes done by Google’s team they have finally made the necessary code changes to add the Chrome for IOS code to the chromium project.

Google argues that this move also means that the development speed for Chrome for IOS will now be faster, thanks the increased number of unit tests that can now be ran automatically for the IOS code base.


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