Google has finally announced that they will be integrated into Google search. This means that Google Now can do everything that it can on your phone, but from your favorite internet browser. This has taken Google about a year to work on its speech recognition software, but now they claim that it is ready to be released to public. You will be able to expect all of your favorite features from the Google Now on your Android device as you would on the desktop, but lets take an in depth look.

Google has been working on this project for over a year now, and they have wanted to integrate it with their search engine ever since it was launched. Now they are ready to launch the project to the public so we can get our hands on it and test it out.

“What can we do this new search technology?”
You will be able to do the same tasks as you would on your Android device, but now they will work together. You will be able to ask Google questions directly, and if it can it will try to answer the question. For instance if you ask “How Far Is The Earth From The Sun?” then Google will be able to respond with the answer given. Now Google has said that this search will be linked to other Google services. It can get queries from Google+, Gmail, or your Google Calender. It will vary depending on how you phrase the question, but certain phrases are the same. For instance if you say “How old is the Earth?” or “What is the approximate age of the Earth?” then you should expect a similar answer.

The technology is also smart enough to remember past questions and give answers for the follow up questions. This will allow you to ask questions in a far more comfortable manner, and to get your answers in a timely fashion. For instance if you ask “When is my five o’clock appointment?” then Google will give you that information from your calendar. If it has enough information, then you should be able to ask it a follow up questions such as “Where is it?” then if it can it will tell you the location of that same appointment.

It is important to remember that there are still some features in testing that wont be available to the public such as the Google Drive integration,and the only way for you to gain access to it is to be part of their testing group. We will expect such features as those to be integrated at a later time, and for more features and integration to be added.

“What about Bing or Yahoo?”
As of now there is no word if they are developing technology on this scale, but I am willing to bet that within the next few weeks we will see a new “Scroogled” campaign about this to point out whats wrong with the system and then have them promote their own product.

Are you pleased with the direction that Google is headed with search? If so then what do you want to see them add or integrate.


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