Google is going to implement a new feature into its mobile search, this new feature includes a tag in the website description that will tell you whether or not the website is optimized for mobile. This is meant to aid user experience, but also to improve the way search results are displayed. Google has been saying for years that responsive and mobile websites will rank better in search engines but now it is taking a more aggressive position.

Websites need to have mobile versions and if they don’t all they are doing is hindering their users and Google is now making it clear that there is no reason to wait fix your website, and fix it now. Many websites are chosen just for the sake of their brand and users are unaware whether or not the website is optimized properly for their mobile device.

There is nothing more annoying than going to a website expecting it to be mobile, and having the full-blown desktop site loading. The worst part is that I probably wont leave the page but instead will continue to read because I don’t want to have to load another website just to get the same content.

Now I will no longer have to worry because I will know what websites are optimized for my mobile device and which are not.  Not only is this going to help us find the content that we want in a format that is actually readable, but it is going to place pressure on the webmasters to optimize their website for mobile.

Mobile traffic is increasing and most websites are now moving towards mobile, but those that are straggling are going to be in trouble with this latest update.

What are your thoughts on this update is it good or bad? Do you have a website and if you do is it properly optimized for mobile?


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