Since Google launched in 1998 it has developed the phrase “Google It” the all encompassing phrase to find all the latest information and news on the internet.

Google has also been working to make more kid friendly apps. For instance Google has recently launched YouTube For Kids and now with the launch of Kiddle there is another kid friendly tool for kids.

Kiddle uses Google colours but has an outer space theme with a friendly robot that is meant to be friendlier to children.

The search engine works in the same manner as Google but its search content will be heavily filtered and child friendly.

The first one to three posts to show up on a search will feature safe sites, says Tech Times, while the next four to seven will be written in a simple language.

Eight onwards will be sites written for adults but filtered by Google safe search.

This is a very interesting move by Google and makes perfect sense for them to make a child friendly version of Google.

Here is a comparison between 2 Google Search results one on Kiddle and the same on Google. A simple search for Khloe Kardasian on Google yields over 47 million results while the same (heavily filtered) search on Kiddle is only 9.8 million.

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