Google is releasing a new service known as Project Shield. Project shield was created to protect organizations, and activists groups from DDOS attacks which are very harmful to their cause because being down or taken down by a rival can stir uncertainty in your cause.. The service is very similar to the one that Google uses on their own websites, and the service (Project Shield) is backed by Google, so your site will not be in any real threat from a DDOS attack in theory. However a theory is not always correct, and a site can go down even with this added protection however the chances are very unlikely.

When someone launches a DDOS attack they have taken over a bunch of computers, and they basically tell those computers to visit one URL in hopes of overloading the server, and causing your site to crash. Now while this sounds complicated and very difficult it can actually be pulled off very cheaply, and one person can do a DOS. Which is a denial of service attack which involves one computer and someone targeting something small like another person.

Google manages to protect your site from a DDOS attack by analysing traffic, and if it sees a large flood of traffic from any non-normal source (Social Media Sites, Youtube, etc) and if it detects something then it will deploy the shield so to speak. Google will try to reroute the traffic so that the server is not overloaded, or it can block the IP addresses of the people who are spamming the site. This is imperative to protecting your site from the attack as well as preventing future attacks.

The service is being offered free to organizations which includes “Organizations with sites serving media, elections and human rights related content are invited” this is straight from the page. Now if you have questions regarding whether your site is qualified they have a nice about page where you can find out. This means that if you are running a commercial site you will not get accepted however there are plenty of paid services for commercial sites that can protect against DDOS attacks.

Are you part of or own an organizations? Would you consider using Googles service why or why not?


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