Wondering how much your monthly mortgage payments are going to cost you? Well, Google has released a feature that will allow you to estimate your monthly mortgage bill.

Enter your mortgage amount, the interest rate and the mortgage period into the widget and your total cost will be determined and it will tell you your monthly payment cost.

You can also change the options to input the desired monthly payment to calculate the total amount of money that can be placed on a loan to help you budget for your next purchase.

Google made the announcement on their Google Plus page stating the following.

Preparing for homeownership just got a bit easier. Starting today you can ask Google things like “How much can I borrow at $200 a month?” or “At 5% APR how much can I borrow over 10 years?” You can even adjust the mortgage amount, interest rate, mortgage period and more to see which financial options fit your needs. – Google

Google has been working on implementing many features into search that will make your life easier including a limited test of diagnosis by a doctor through the search engine. However, while this feature might be useful it does not factor in down payments or taxes.


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