Today Google has launched its new $105 Android smart phone in India. This is apart of Google’s initiative to get smart phones into the hands of users in new and emerging markets such as India. This is going to bring more powerful devices into the hands of those who are in poor markets but can still get a device that is worth their time and can assist them doing daily tasks.

Google is teaming up with other technology companies such as Acer, HTC, and Panasonic to produce quality low price handsets that are feature packed for their users.

Google is planning on spreading these devices to more countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, and other poorer nations in Asia. These countries already have smart phone devices, but there are issues with these devices mostly pertaining to fragmentation and security flaws.

Android One is Google’s answer to this issue as they will come directly from Google and security updates will be controlled from Google. This is a hope to solve the fragmentation issue and to keep everyone’s devices up to date with all the latest features. Not only that but many companies in India are selling phones that have customized version of Android that are riddled with glitches making many of the phones almost unusable and difficult to use and Google has little control over these devices.

With these new devices Google is hoping that it will be able to control the new devices and solve the issue of many poorer devices that are found in these parts of the world.

Aside from solving issues India is the third largest mobile phone network in the world and Google is not going to leave this market untapped. However, Google being the late runner the phone needs to be cheap and it has to stand out from the competition such as Samsung and Motorola.

The biggest competing factor that Google has, is the price of the device. These markets tend to focus more on the price rather than the features and the quality of the phone. Now Google’s new device is going to have to capture the attention of the new market not with the price but the features and they have to sustain their current price.

This phone should not and will not appear in U.S markets. However, there are plenty of cheap phones that are already in the market.

Here are the specs for the three new Android One devices. For the full specs click here. 

[table style=”table-bordered”]

SpecsSpice Dream UnoKarbonn Sparkle VMicromax Canvas A1
Front Camera2-megapixel2-megapixel2-megapixel
Main Camera5-megapixel5-megapixel5-megapixel
Resolution480×854 pixels480×854 pixels480×854 pixels
Battery Capacity1700mAh1700mAh1700mAh
Price (RS)6,2996,3996,499



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