There are many questions around Google’s self-driving cars such as what will the inside of the vehicles look and feel like.

While its still early as these cars are still in the prototype phase, but Google is already hard at work trying to answer some of those questions.

The company is seeking an Automotive Interior Engineer Lead who can weigh in on the design concepts and define all the car’s interior systems.

The self-driving car project aims to improve people’s lives by transforming mobility and making it easier and safer for everyone to get around, regardless of their ability to drive. So far, we’ve self-driven over 1 million miles and are currently out on the streets of Mountain View, California and Austin, Texas.

As the Automotive Interiors Engineering Lead, you will be working with Industrial Design and the engineering teams to establish interior themes and define design criteria for vehicle interior systems. You will define design concepts, generate product development documentation and work with internal resources and suppliers in order to execute the development and validation of interior systems according to the program objectives.

The Road To Getting On The Road

Google has repeatedly suggested that it is not interested manufacturing its own vehicles and that it is likely to partner with an automaker when it comes to producing the physical cars.

The interesting choice behind hiring a designer is that Google has had a very poor history when it comes to designing physical products such as Google Glass but this one might be different.



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