Google has announced that they are in the early stages of developing a smart contact lens that would allow you to watch your Glucose level and warn you if you are to low or high on your levels. This will work by placing a little micro chip between to soft layers of contact lens and then when you it detects a low or high level of glucose it will send a signal to a small light that will warn you and change color whether you are to low or high. This is a big step into embedded technology that will watch your vitals and warn you about your health. Google is still in pre-alpha stage of this product however, they are working on it because the world is “losing the war on diabetes” and Google wanted to venture into this field and see what they can do to aid and help turn the tides of the war.


As Brian Otis said in a blog post “We’ve always said that we’d seek out projects that seem a bit speculative or strange, and at a time when the International Diabetes Federation is declaring that the world is “losing the battle” against diabetes, we thought this project was worth a shot.”


However, there are some issues with this technology and that is scientists have struggled to measure glucose levels from tears because they are so small and the sensors would need to be as small or smaller than the tear to properly measure the glucose level. Well Google is trying to get around this issue by making an extremely small sensor that would allow them to measure the level despite the size of the lens. This is why it has been left up to the very secretive Google(X) labs. This is the most secretive part of Google where there most difficult technologies are tested and created. So if Google manages to create this diabetics all over the world will be able to live life a little easier knowing that they are constantly being monitored.



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