Google has released a new tool for celebrities, businesses, and presidential candidates to share information that will feed directly into Google’s search results.

The new tool dubbed Google Posts, is an invite-only tool that allows businesses, celebrities, and more to post text, images, and even videos directly into Google. When someone publishes said post it will appear in the search results related to the person that submitted it. For instance, if the president releases a video and “posts” it into Google’s Search Engine then when you search for Barack Obama that post would appear as a related item.

These posts can also be shared to various social networks to gain extra exposure. This tool was originally intended for presidential candidates so they could post rebuttals, videos, and information regarding their candidacy but Google has instead allowed it to be used by companies and more.

These posts will appear as boxes in the search results that can be swiped or tapped and this will allow you to view the content of said post.

Google is also working on allowing local businesses to add similar posts and information directly into the Google Search Results.

The intent behind Google Posts is to allow celebrities, companies, and other people of interest to post directly into the Google Search Results. Before this change, a celebrity would have to create a website, write content, and then Google would have to index this content. This change makes it much easier for important information regarding these people to make it into the search results.

It also means that celebrities will be able to fire back against false content, or to give updates in a similar fashion to Twitter.

“Google calls Posts a “podium” and in some ways, this feature could be a more accessible way for consumers to find information. What this possibly allows is that Google searchers get the information they want more easily within search. Especially on mobile, consumers want to be able to get results fast.” – Fortune Magazine

Google is making it easier for information to be accessed on the internet and it seems to be going to great lengths to make it easier for important people to get their true views out as opposed to being overshadowed by content on the internet.


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