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Google Has Been Asked To Remove Over A Million Websites

Google Has Been Asked To Remove Over A Million Websites

After years and years of trying to clear up the murky and unclean waters of the internet, Google‘s latest transparency report reveals it has now received over a million take down requests for different websites. With the individual URL removal request the count is reaching the billions.

Due to these large numbers it suggests that pirates, have more options than ever before when it comes to stealing your online booty. This is a sharp uptake in the number of requests from last year which is due to new algorithms that the company has developer that automatically inform Google of copyright-infringing content.

While these numbers are jaw dropping its not that surprising as it is the world’s most popular search engine, thus it is the primary target of both pirates and those looking to report them. However, what is unexpected is that sites like The White and The U.S Department of Justice have had repeated requests to remove their content.┬áThe U.S Government isn’t alone though, with legitimate sites like NASA, Netflix, the BBC and The New York Times also regularly making the naughty list.

While many of the errors can come across as software errors, Google’s tool does show that governments that are trying to censor certain content.

Other reports, however show that IMDB where most legitimate sites get accidental reports in the dozens has had requests to remove over 1000 of it’s URLS. While this is unsurprising Google refused to remove the site’s URLs from the search engine.


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