Google is now ready to begin building its own futuristic campus in Silicon Valley.

Recently, the tech giant has announced that it can break ground for its new headquarters after city officials in Mountain View, California approved the project Tuesday.

Construction could begin for Charleston East as early as next month. The new proposed dome-shaped complex would cover over 595,000 square feet and will be two stories high.

The company aims for the project to be done by 2019 and it’s expected to house 2,700 employees.

This approval comes only a month before Apple, is scheduled to open its new UFO/Donut shaped headquarters in Cupertino. Apple Employees will soon move to a 175-acre campus which has been dubbed Apple park.

At the new complex, the public will be able to use the plaza space to walk through the building’s bottom floor as well as dine at some cafes within the building with Google workers.

Google real estate director John Igoe told KPIX-TV that designing the campus began from the inside out.

“We wanted to find out how we could get a space to be very, very flexible and that wouldn’t have a lot of walls and the typical type of restrictions you have,” he said.


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