Google has been at work lately when it comes to Adsense publishers. Ever since Penguin 2.0 Adsense publishers have been trying to generate more revenue while keeping their load times down. Penguin 2.0 has basically shot down the idea of guest posting to gain more clicks, because this can reduce your page rank position. Now these new ads are what we needed and here is why.

Why This Is Important

Adsense ads are one of the hardest items to manipulate and are nearly impossible to alter without breaking policy. Now these asynchronous ads are better not only for web developers, but for the readers as well and here is why. When I tell an item to load asynchronously, then it will load after the other elements on my page. This is mostly done for images, and heavier java script items like Adsense ads. So I took all of my ads and added the asynchronous loading. My load time is better, and I am roughly at a loading time of 2.5 seconds, and my page according to google’s page speed is at 95/100. Now with that asynchronous loading, it reduced my load time slightly by about .3 seconds, and my page speed went up by 3 points to make it the current 95.

How To Add This

Go into your Adsense account, and when you choose to add the code there will be an option between synchronous and asynchronous. I recommend that you go with the asynchronous loading if your website has poor loading time. You should have your web page at 80 or above on the page speed test and a load time of 5 seconds or less. Never have anything above 5, because three seconds is the ideal load time but for some people it is difficult to do that. Most people searching the web, will judge the site after 3 seconds so the faster that it loads, the more likely that you will get a reader, or followers.

Google Page Speed: Tests the load time, and gives an indepth analysis of your website so that you can increase the speed of your website.  Run a test here

Pingdom Speed Test: Pingdom will scan your website and tell you the items that take the longest time to run.

Gtmetrix: This website can also scan the website for load time using multiple methods, so that way you will know what needs to be changed.

Virus Total: Scan your website for malware by over 40 antivirus engines.


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