Google is introducing a new age-based rating system for all apps and games on the Google Play store. Google has taken measures to make these standards work globally, no matter what area of the world you may be in to help categorize your app into the appropriate rating. This change is expected to help improve app discovery, and to aid customers of all ages find suitable apps that fit their needs or interests.

This change which was rolled out today will allow developers of apps already on the store, to answer a simple questionnaire regarding their apps and to generate the appropriate rating for the apps. The ratings that are currently supported are the IARC, ESRB, PEGI, USK, and CLASSIND, and for the few countries that may fall outside these territories Google will instead opt to show a simple age-based rating.

Google is also making great strives to improve information as to why certain apps may have been declined from the store and the changes have been rolled out today as well. You should now receive more information regarding why your particular app was suspended from the store and it should allow you to find the problem quicker, and thus make more money.


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