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Google accuses 9to5Google website of trademark violation

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9to5Google has been in operation for over five years now without any problem but today Google has decided that the Google-focused tech site is in violation of its trademark by using its name. Google has now blocked the website from using its Adsense Advertising network which is the main source of revenue of the site.

The famed tech site makes well into six figures each month from the advertising network.

A post on 9to5Google describes the situation that around noon today, the website’s advertising ceased to function. This prompted their team to contact their Adsense representative to find out that the website has been barred from the network on the grounds of violating its trademark.


“We recognize that the situation is both shocking and frustrating and we’ve advocated on your behalf as much as we can,” the email from the ad team representative reads. “Since they will not grant us an appeal, we want to provide you with information for how you may legally use our trademark and if the conditions are reasonable, for you to submit a request.” 9to5Google says it does intend to appeal the decision, but that there’s a “big chance” it will have to change its name, soliciting potential alternatives in the post’s comment thread.

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