YouTube is one of the first items blocked on your school WiFi and there are a few easy ways to try to avoid this block. You may even be able to get it done automatically, and to have the website load every time on the first time.

Method 1

Using an SSL connection to the website. The most common way to get access to the website through a block is to use a secure connection. This can be done by adding an s after  instead you would have This secure connections makes all the information sent between you and that website private. Therefore the website block will not be able to tell what the domain is you are accessing. However, if they have the IP of the website then you will run into another issue.

Method 2

This method requires you to get the IP address of the website and instead of accessing the website through the url type in the IP address of the website in the search box. To find the IP address of a website follow these steps.

  1. Access the run menu.
  2. type in “cmd”
  3. type “ping”
  4. then space and then the website url
  5. You should be around the website url block.

Method 3

Try accessing from a different browser. Sometimes websites are accessible through different browsers for some fault in the blocks. You can try using all of the browsers on your computer also try using the https connection on all of them to get around it..

Method 4

This method i have used before and found it strange that it worked i accessed a video on Google Plus that was on YouTube and it took me to the YouTube website and I was able to get access to all of YouTube via this method.


If you have any more methods post them in the comments below and we will check them out!


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