Games-Arcade has a very clean user interface and makes an excellent use of infinite scrolling. As you scroll down the homepage, you will have additional games load, not only does this improve load time, but it also is much better for user experience. When you find a game that you would be interested in, you will be met by a pre-game page.

The pre-game page is very clean and allows you to do everything from rating the game, adding it to your favorites, and by clicking the simple play game button you will be redirected to a page where you can play the game.

However, the game play page has a couple of issues that are both bannable, but also are not optimal for user experience. Due to the way the buttons load on the side of the game the words that it attempts to show you, are broken and thus you are unable to read them. Furthermore adding a game to your favorites seems to be impossible as the button is not clickable. Even if you opt to login with Captain Up, you are not able to click the button meaning that it is ultimately unused.

When you attempt to learn more about challenges and your Captain Up account, you will have issues viewing it as it will always be stuck in the game frame. This would not be an issue if you could access this content on another page, but as it stands you will always be battling to find a way to fully view the Captain Up frame.

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The website does not have any proper schema markup aside from the article rich snippet. The rating widget should allow the user ratings to show up as a Google rich snippet and the breadcrumb trail needs to be marked up to show up in Google search results. Furthermore, the website owner could take additional measures to add the schema organization markup on their logo.

Load Time

The website loads blazingly fast, scoring a solid A on both the YSlow and Page Speed tests, it truly is something to behold. The website can further improve the load time by setting up CloudFlare’s rocket loader to load the rest of the scripts asynchronously.


Games-Arcade could be generating more revenue by adding an additional advertising network such as EpicGameAds to fill in the spaces around the games. As it stands the website might be violating Adsense policy on some of the games where the advertisement is shown immediately above the game.

Final Thoughts

Games-Arcade is a good website with a strong foundation to do something even better, if the webmaster were to optimize the website with something like CloudFlare’s Rocket loader and add additional schema markup it would be one of the best arcade websites built off of the WordPress platform.



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