When it comes to website security there are not a lot of options to check your websites security unless you want to drop a couple hundred or even thousand dollars for a decent website scan. However, there are some free options and there are some website badges that you will want to look into if you ever want to sell an item on your website or blog. Now if you are looking for free website badges then you are in luck because there are some free badges for security and then there are others.
When it comes to your website security there are very few companies that will offer you a badge that says your site was found to be safe. There is only one that I could find that offered me a free one and that was AVG. The Avg widget you see on the bottom lets everyone know my website was rated a safe from AVG. The reason i put it there is because it is meant to establish that trust with you guys and it lets you know I am a secure site because as we know I am into computer security. However, there are some from smaller start ups such as the Pearl Software scanner. These two badges are meant to show that the website is safe, and this is almost a requirement if you hope to sell an item through E-Commerce. There was a study and McAfee reported that their seal increase sales rates by 20% at least and they make those buyers return more often. Now as always results may vary but these little free seals will still instill that trust in your users who don’t know anything abut SSL certification and want to be sure that their site is safe.
There are some seals that are not only meant to show off your websites security but they are able to instill your professionalism for your website. Such as the Paypal verification seal. This is not meant to show that your site is secure, but it shows that it based all the basic rules to use Paypal checkout, and it is fit for selling items. This is a very common seal which means that you can use it to gain quick trust compared to your competition who will be underestimating the power of the seal. Not to mention that it is free, and all you have to do is let Paypal test the store checkout process and they do this after a couple of days. Then we have the DMCA seal which says that all of the items that are on your site are copyrighted protected which can be used to show that I am a serious writer, and your viewer will be like that is interesting they must really but time and effort into their work. Then we have our Webutation badge which is a security/social badge, and it will give you their rating for your site which when you click on it will give you the items that they check for.
AVG Site Safety Badge  AVG Threat Labs
Pearl: Internet Activity Monitoring & Web Content Filtering Software Features


  1. Ironically Webutation got hacked. To date the script they give you to add the webutation badge to your site has a link to the very dubious sounding “webutations.info” that doesn’t even exist.


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