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Flash Gaming Is not Dead

Flash Gaming Is Not Dead

There is a lot of talk that Flash is dead or is going to die very soon. For instance, in an article published by The Fuse Joplin states that

Do you remember those flash mini games? Neither do I. Mobile phones now rock the world, great games with wonderful graphics. Rarely these days you can find someone playing flash-based games on Miniclip. Last time I saw one of these is when I was asked to somehow enable the Kung Fu Panda game to be played offline – for my nephew. – The Fuse Joplin

While many of us may no longer play flash games anymore, especially with the rise of mobile gaming, many flash gaming websites are still growing. Miniclip, for instance, is increasing in traffic and search volume according to Alexa. The problem is that people think that Flash is dead due to it failing to evolve and keep up with new formats such as HTML and mobile gaming.

However, it still is quite prevalent even I own an arcade website with flash games that I call The Arcade Corner. There are a lot of distributors for these games even though MochiMedia was shut down users still continue to make games, they are also evolving and moving into other platforms such as Unity, HTML, and more. However, each has its own faults and even though there is more money to be made it is quite presumptuous to assume that Flash is dead.

Flash Games are not as prevalent as they used to be, but a number of developers who still develop and distribute their games on some of the largest platforms on the world because there is still money to be made. If you look around there are even more people getting into the market especially those that grew up playing those types of games.

While there is a growth in HTML 5 gaming as developers are seeing a potential for more revenue, the flash market is still alive and well.

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