If you are the owner of an arcade website, then it is likely that you are going to run across a lot of games that are either broken or are very low quality. However, what about those games that you just downloaded and know that they should work because you were just playing them?

Typically if you are using an arcade script like Arcade Booster you won’t notice this issue as they do very little outside the realm of optimizing your website. However, if you are one that takes it to the next level and tries to improve your load time you will commonly use Gzip. Gzip is a compression tool that allows your web server to deliver all resources compressed this way they load faster and it saves resources.

The issue is that flash games and Gzip don’t get along, Gzip will commonly break flash games that have a loading screen and this is not at the fault of the developers but merely an issue of the two services. You are either going to have to remove the game or you can try and setting custom MIME types for Gzip.

A MIME type is simply an identifier for Gzip so that it knows what files it can and can not compress. To do this go into your CPanel, go to optimize a website and instead of clicking compress all files go to the custom MIME types.

Copy and paste the code below:

text/html text/plain text/xml application/x-javascript application/javascript text/css

Now your broken games should load. This issue is not talked about much because many arcade websites simply don’t compress their website at all which really hurts their load time. This way every file such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is still compressed, but your game files will still work. You should not notice any real increase in load time because flash games are compressed before they are made.


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