2017 has brought us some interesting focuses in the smartphone world with a push for bezel-less full-screen devices and a focus on biometric access from face scanning, to iris scanners, to the old and faithful fingerprint scanner. We are slowly seeing these options make their way to cheaper lower end smartphone devices.

One interesting change that we have seen is the shift of fingerprint scanner from the front of the phone to the back of the device and this is partly because of our shift to full-screen devices with no bezel. The home button as we know it is slowly being faded out.

While moving the fingerprint scanner button to the back of the phone is common it’s ultimately a waste of a useful feature. If the phone is laying down on something like a table you aren’t able to unlock it using the scanner unless you pick it up and if you are using a case you are going to struggle even more.

Synaptics has recently come up with the concept of the front under-screen fingerprint sensors that will help solve this issue. Essentially instead of having a physical button, you are able to have your fingerprint scanned by placing it on the actual phone screen (straight out of the sci-fi films of yesteryear).

The Vivo Xplay7 is going to be the first device that comes with this feature and there are rumors that Huawei is also planning to add this feature to several of its upcoming phones.

Sadly though, the Xiamoi Mi 7, slated to come out early next year will not make use of this technology. Instead, it will use 3D facial recognition.

In addition, there will likely be a larger screen size both 5.5″ and 5.65″ have been thrown around. We can also expect the newer Snapdragon 845 chipset to make the phone really fast.

What are your thoughts when it comes to under the screen fingerprint scanners and are they more reliable than facial recognition technology?


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