FBI Anchorage (Alaska) posted a tweet showing its appreciation to Chinese based technology giant Qihoo 360. The tweet was extending their thanks to the company for its role in cracking three local cybercrime cases that had involved several large DDOS attacks.

The case is against cybercriminals who have pleaded guilty in the creation of “Mirai” and several click fraud botnets which had infected hundreds of thousands of IoT devices with malicious software. This information was released on the US Department of Justice’s website in a press release.

It is not necessarily clear how the Chinese cybersecurity company helped in the case, but it was included in a list of several other companies, including AT&T, Dyn, Paterva, PayPal, and ShadowServer.

We also would like to extend our thanks to not only Qihoo 360 but all companies who are pushing to improve the security of the internet and the IoT. Qihoo 360 is one of our preferred antivirus products but it does not act alone and there are thousands of people who work behind the scenes to make the digital world a safer place and I would like to extend our thanks to them now coming into 2018.

Well done Qihoo 360 and all those involved in the above case!


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