Announced by researchers at the University of Tokyo, were they recently developed a motion picture camera that can take 4.4 trillion frames per second. In comparison most video games are recorded in 30 frames per second and most recording software only goes to about 120 frames per second. The camera though only has a resolution of 450×450 which is fairly small considering the average computer monitor is 1680×1050.

The method that is currently used for high-speed video recording is the pump probe process. This is basically were light is shined on an object and then the light is to be absorbed. For motion pictures this has to be done several times and in a quick and repetitive fashion. The more frames that the camera can capture the higher quality the image that is displayed.


Camera Diagram

The above diagram is how recording works. You can read more about this here.


The advantages of getting a better camera and frame rate is not just for higher quality movies, it can be applied in various fields of science. For instance, we can apply this into the medical field for ultrasonic scans.

Something else that is interesting is the shear speed that it takes these photos you are taking 4.4 trillion photos per second. Your average news report comes in at about 50 or 60 frames per second. Most of the time it is recorded in 300 frames per second but is compressed and made to be easier displayed on your TV. Frame rates are limited by the object recording it, and the display that it is being presented on. If you record at 300 FPS but your display is only able to show 60 FPS. You will be limited there not to mention  processing a 300 FPS live show in real time is quite a strain for your Television.

Maybe with our cameras improving and reaching higher recording rates we will reach a higher level of video quality but one question remains. How many FPS can the human eye see.

Thank you to everyone at the University of Tokyo for creating the World’s Fastest Camera and all the time and research you put into developing it.


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