There are quite a few reasons you might want to factory reset your Galaxy S4. For instance, if you are selling your device or are giving it to a relative you should factory reset to make sure your private information is removed from the device. However, some hackers could get around this but in most cases you shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of threat.

Another reason to factory reset your device is it simply is getting bogged down. If you have had your phone for years, don’t need a lot of the junk that’s on it, and its running slow you might just want to reset the device to get a fresh start.

When you factory reset your Galaxy S4 you will lose all data on the phone such as apps, documents, photos, videos and more. The only thing that will not change is the Android Operating System. This means that if you updated from a previous version of Android this will not revert the data to the original and this is to prevent users from downgrading their device to leave it more vulnerable to exploits and vulnerabilities. It would also require the device to keep a full back-up of the original OS that you simply don’t want to clutter your memory.

Galaxy S4 Factory Reset

How To Reset Your Samsung Galaxy s4.

  1. From your home screen press the apps icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Find and press the settings icon.
  3. In the upper end of the screen press the accounts tab.
  4. in the bottom of the next screen press the Backup and reset button.
  5. Press the factory data reset.
  6. Read the info on your cell phone screen and hit Reset device.

Now there are certain circumstances where you are not able to use this reset such as when your phone is completely blocked and you can’t get past the lock screen, or menus. There is another way.

  1. Press and hold the power button to turn the device off.
  2. With your devices press and hold the home button, and the volume up key.
  3. While holding the two buttons from step two please hit the power button to power on the device. Make sure to hold these three buttons until you can read “recovery mode” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Navigate to the factory reset by using your volume keys and use the power button to select the option.

After you have done this then your Galaxy S4 will go through the factory reset mode and when it’s complete your phone will be just like it was on the day you bought it.


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