A lawyer who is planning to sue Facebook over privacy allegations has limited complaints to 25,000 after his overwhelming support.

Max Schrems the lawyer behind this suit is accusing Facebook Ireland the Irish subsidiary of Facebook of breaching European privacy laws by tracking users on external sites through services such as the “like” button.

The lawsuit being filed could very well be the largest class action lawsuit ever taken after each of the Facebook accounts are in fact verified. For the users to be part of the case they accounts actually need to be verified for as we all know there are millions of fake accounts on Facebook and for Schrems he will need to be very careful with his supporters for this to go off without a hitch.

Over 7,000 users a day from over 100 different countries have stood up with Max saying enough is enough and due to the overwhelming support he has to cut it off. You can still sign up though and show off your stance to the rest of the world over the issue while these users are not going to be direct evidence or the main support they are still being announced and the group is doing very well.

Europe Vs Facebook Website

Join The Lawsuit

Schrems is hoping to claim roughly 500 Euros in damages to the affected supporters. It doesn’t stop there, as in peak time a new user signed up for the suit every six seconds. This case if it goes off well will be the largest class action lawsuit in history.

What do you think of the issue? Would you stand up against Facebook for an issue that doesn’t even seem that big at all?


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