Atlas which was owned by Microsoft several years back was purchased by Facebook. This purchase took place early 2013 and Facebook has not really done much with it since. However, Facebook has announced that the new Atlas has launched to take on the largest competitor Google. Atlas is meant to be different from Adsense by one simple fact it doesn’t worry about cookies it worries about people. This is meant to be the future of advertising in a way where browsing data is not what matters but the person.

Facebook owning Instagram as well as its own social media website is able to collect information on hundreds of millions of people. This information could be monitored by tools such as the Facebook like button where Facebook could monitor what you like, what your interests are and more. Not to mention the sheer treasure trove of information that is put into your profiles on these social networking websites. Now Facebook can build an advertising profile of you and display advertisements according to the information that you have given to them.

This is a giant stab at Google who is the largest advertising company in the world as Facebook now has a tool that Google failed to create. The idea behind Google Plus was that Google could make a social media website and use that data to create a better advertising network. While this is speculation we have Facebook who has done just that.

However, there is an issue and that is Atlas solutions has a tainted name not only as an advertising network but in general. WOT warns all users accessing the website that it is an untrusted website and this is frankly true. The advertising network has had a troubled past and now people have to go back and change their views of the website for the bad rating to go away.

Is this a smart move for Facebook? Publishers are being given very little information on the network, there is just not much information being passed around with this new service but we can be certain that if Facebook can get large advertisers than this will be a huge success. However, if Facebook fails then it is doomed to fail like the rest of the smaller advertisement networks.

What are your thoughts on Atlas is it worth the shot for Facebook or is this a major privacy issue?


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