Facebook wants to buy Oculus Rift??? Oculus Rift is a gaming virtual reality headset that was still in its development stages. The project was meant to create not the first, but the cheapest and the best virtual reality gaming headset on the market. However, with the recent deal will that be cut? Will Facebook make the team do something completely different? The answer to the both of these questions is no for now.


Facebook has said they are going to keep the same team on the project for now and that they can continue to work on their project without interference. However, how long does this last because when purchases like this are made companies like to do what they think works despite the fact that Oculus Rift has done great and has sold several thousand developer kits for their product. So why is Facebook, a social media website interested in this product?


Virtual Reality has been the topic of the media recently and especially among the gaming community because this has been the dream of every major gamer including me. Who wouldn’t want to step inside of a game and a truly virtual experience of it? One where you can feel apart of the world and interact with it this sounds very intense but the idea is there and Oculus Rift was trying to set this up. So what does Facebook want to do with it. You could argue the same thing but I feel it is more towards virtual social interactions. Facebook collects a lot of information and brings people from all across the world together. However, they can’t close the space gap which is what they tried to do with video chat. The next move would to virtualize yourself into a generated world or to make you able to interact with the person even on a virtual level. But how can this be done?


Oculus Rift works as a visual virtualization you are there in a character body and you see what they see and are moved based on the direction you move the headset and how you move your character. Now Facebook could do that if they had a picture or managed to scan your body and then allowed you to control that body and see what they see. However, there is no real clear way to do that at this time. Maybe that is Facebook’s goal or maybe they just want you to play farm town with a virtual world. Whatever the reason is Oculus Rift was bought and the company will remain separate until Facebook wants to step in and either check or watch it and make changes that it deems necessary.


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