ProPublica a non-profit organization sent about 50 items containing hate speech to Facebook recently. This lead to the social media giant to apologize for its mistake saying that they “must do better.”

ProPublica sent the items along with additional samples from its database of 900 crowd-sourced posts. Facebook admitted that it made a mistake in 22 of their reviews and blamed users for improper flagging of posts. In another two cases, it said it couldn’t respond due to lack of info and defended 19 of its other decisions.

Justin Osofsky, Facebook VP said in a statement: “We’re sorry for the mistakes we have made.” He revealed that the company targets in reaching the recruitment of 20,000 people to its safety and security team by next year for improving as per community standards. He also added that the social media deletes about 66,000 posts per week that contain hate speech.

Facebook is coming up with better tools to counter sensitive materials in an effort to automate the process to make the platform more user-friendly. However, as there is no organized system as to what is deemed hate speech Facebook needs to consults various watchdog type groups if they ever plan to automate the process. Otherwise, the company is going to need to hire a lot more reviewers.


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