Facebook is cracking down on “fake news” and is trying to make you think about whether a headline is true or not. Now before you even read the article Facebook is trying to make you question its validity now when you click a link its related articles widget will show related articles and fact checking sites relating to the topic.

Facebook says “That should provide people easier access to additional perspectives and information, including articles by third-party fact-checkers.”

The premise is this, if Facebook can make you question the validity of the article before you even read it you are less likely to believe false information in the first place. Then when you return you will be introduced to content that disproves that which you were reading.

Now, if you see an outrageous headline that doesn’t seem normal like man grows wings and flies from a little blog on the side of the internet that is not well known. You will related articles from trusted websites such as the New York Times, a scientific journal or fact checking websites such as Snopes.

Now Facebook has added that this is only a test and it is not being rolled out to everyone unless it proves to be useful. They also stated that Facebook pages will not see a significant change in their reach and that there will be no ads in Related Articles.


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