Yes the F.T.C is after Google again on for privacy issues. This is not the first time this has happened and the F.T.C investigated Google 5 months ago for the same issue, and they  ended up dropping the case and investigation. Now Google is under heat again for the same issue which has been the main issue with the company for years now.

Why Are They Being Investigated
Google has been known as the best company to advertise with because they provide more information then any other company. The issue lies that they are scanning the emails for keywords, and this is the main target from Microsoft and their Scroogled campaign. There is a good chance they will be targeting the Email scanning and the Google Apps information. For instance once someone buys and App from the play store that information is sent over to the Creator. The information is generally your Name, Date of Purchase, and other information.

Is Google The Target?
I would believe that companies are targeting Google, but we have no facts to back this up. Google has been under heat for privacy issues a lot. Especially in recent times, but is it because they are some evil company or because everyone attacks the top dog. I have reason to believe that considering that Yahoo recently started scanning emails for keywords, but no one has said anything. If this was 5 or 6 years ago Yahoo would be under heat but not now. Is this because companies are trying to smack Google’s reputation down or because they are concerned about everyone’s privacy.

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