The European Union has stated that we should wait for the UN inspectors data before there are any decisions made. They want us to wait and see if the inspectors can pin point the group that used the chemical weapons before there are any weapons used. However, will this stop the United States, or is the final point been made and we already know who really caused the chemical attack. Regardless no one will really make that first move unless having hard core evidence.

This two sided argument has been going on for weeks now, and the fact is neither side will agree with eachother, and that is because we don’t know who is to blame. There is no concrete evidence released from an international entity like the UN so does this mean that the European is right and that we should wait before we make a decision.

Catherine Ashton (senior foreign policy official for the UN) has said that she believes that the Syrian government is the reason for such attacks. She makes the point that at the beginning of the revolution the Syrian government was the only group that had chemical weapons. However,you could counter that by saying we had very little intel on the opposition. However at the same time she is right because we knew that they had chemical weapons.

Catherine then stated she wants to wait for the UN inspectors to finish their analysis before they make any decisions. If the inspectors do find concrete evidence that it was the Syrian government then Italy, France, Germany, and other nations have agreed to act if they can give concrete evidence.

The issue is when the inspectors are analyzing the chemicals they cant really determine who used them. Unless they can fine some sort of warhead or shrapnel that would lead them to believe that some sort of missile was used to carry the weapon in which case the Syrian government would be the main target.

President Obama believes that what the inspectors find will be irrelevant because he believes throughly that the Syrian government is to blame for the attack. However lacking support from the European Nation and congress he will probably wait for the analysis to be released and then he might have the backing of foreign nations.

Here is a basic map of Syria, and off the coast the United States claims to have four warships ready when given the order to conduct a missile strike on Syria.


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