When it comes to safety on your mobile device, you always think I need some sort of password right? Yes! Yes you do but there is more that can be done to increase the security of your phone especially when people can get a lot of data from your phones. So I need an antivirus app right? Yes but you are missing the biggest tool and that is device encryption. Device encryption is one of the best tools, but it is so uncommonly used that people are putting themselves at risk to save some time and the fact is encryption does not take that much time, and it is really easy.

When you encrypt your device you are basically saying to any potential hacker nice try but good luck. This is the idea behind encryption you make all that data nonsense to anyone that does not know the password. You can easily encrypt your Android device, and it is recommended that you do. Especially because it can prevent your friends from getting on to your phone unless they know the password. This password needs to be complicated because it is the main defense for your system as it will not only keep out intruders, but protect all of the data on your device.

Should I Encrypt my device? Yes it is recommended that you do so, because it is a simple and free way to protect your device and the data on your phone. There is as much if not more information on your phone as there is on your computer. Think about it social networks, pay pal, emails, everything not to mention that your smart phone is not generally protected by antivirus or other security software.

To encrypt your device follow these steps. Make sure you have a charger nearby and are at least 80% battery life.

  1. Go to your settings section.
  2. Scroll until you see Security.
  3. Click on Encrypt Device.
  4. Follow the steps that it gives.

Afterwards,your device will be encrypted.

However what about the SD Card? Go back to the Security tab, and instead click Encrypt external SD card. This will keep all of the items on your SD card encrypted, and safe from anyone who might want to hack into your phone. Make sure that you do Encrypt, and Full Encryption for maximum security.

After that your phone and SD card are fully encrypted, and are now safe from most hackers or friends trying to get into your phone.


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