Opera is browser based on the same engine as Google Chrome but it comes with a lot of built-in useful features such as a VPN, Ad Blocker, and Data Saver modules. In addition, the browser allows you to get real-time updates on your favorite apps including Facebook Messenger, What’s App, and Telegram.

However, upon installing the browser many including myself believed the Telegram Module to be removed or non-existent. Upon further inspection, though it’s actually cleverly hidden which is both really smart due to it being very region specific but also incredibly annoying since there was no indication of how to edit it.

How To Enable Telegram In Opera Web Browser

To enable Telegram you need to move over to your sidebar (the bar that includes the O button as well as the other messaging apps. Right Click on the bar and select the Telegram button.

Upon doing so the Telegram icon will appear on the left-hand side of your sidebar and to log in, you simply need to click on it, log in with your phone number and verification code and you will be all set to use Telegram straight from your favorite web browser.

What About Other Messaging Apps?

There is a long list of sites and apps that people want to add most notably Skype that is actually absent from the sidebar and the closest you can get ATM is an extension.

To add skype to Opera you need to go here and then you need to download and add the extension the only annoying detail is that it won’t be added to the far left sidebar but instead on the secondary sidebar. The primary reason I can see for this is there is no extendable API for the far left sidebar. Therefore you are going to be stuck using this method until the Opera Developers look at adding an extensible API or decide to add Skype to the core browser which is the better option in my opinion.



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