Email clients might seem a little old to most of us, but they still play a major role in business. Clients like Opera Mail, Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird seem old and wasted since we can just log into our emails from our browser, but they are not quite ready to disappear. Many companies and website owners rely on email clients because it is far easier to log into from a client and access multiple emails at once than logging in and out of each one.


For instance if someone has two emails then they have to log into one log out and then log back in. This is a giant waste of time and you wont know when you have new mail unless you have it open but for you to do that you have to be logged into one and not the other. So email clients wont just retire to business not to mention there are no real open source email clients for your browser. We have squirrel mail but that client is old, and they are rarely updated. However clients such as Thunderbird can have all those emails in one place, and it has a very appealing user interface.


Email clients do have some issues, and those are generally tied to the fact that they don’t act as servers but instead they just download the mail from the servers which means that they might not download only the safe ones but also infected emails. This lead to programs like Avast to develop a mail shield to scan any and all emails before they are downloaded so that way your computer is not infected by a potentially malicious email. Another issue that email clients face is that some people can’t set them up properly, and they are very open to anyone. They can be difficult because some mail services like Google have two-step verification and the only way to over ride it is to create an application specific password. Not to mention that since it starts up with the computer it may run into the issue of someone being able to read your emails without your permission. Some email clients may need you to have a password before you read them, but most don’t which means that when you leave get up and lock the computer so no one can use them.


Email clients may seem to be dated, but the fact is that they are the only way to manage multiple emails efficiently and to keep up to date with all the recent emails that you may be receiving.


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