Dungeon Defenders is a strategy RPG that has made its rounds on Steam ever since the Autumn sale. The game is an interesting take on a traditional strategy game think of it as a cross between League Of Legends and any tower defense game.

Your objective is similar to League Of Legends protect your crystal from the enemies. While there are no enemy players the amount of minions can make it rather challenging in late game. If you are a fan of the summoner…. Good luck.

The game is not the most visually stunning game on Steam, but it has good styling that make the graphics almost negligible it has vivid colors that are able to distract you from the otherwise poor graphics. If the colors are not distracting you then maybe the Ogres will.

You are able to play single player or multiplayer depending on your style and your objective is simple survive for as long as you can and collect mana which is the games currency. With this, you can purchase pets and other items either from the vendor or other players.

The game is not extremely challenging until you start making your way to some higher level maps that will make you scratch your head and say how many crystals are there? How am I going to do this again? Those moments when you realize if you don’t do something quickly you are going to lose are some of the best moments you will ever have in a game, and the best part is that you can experience it with other players.

While the game has no large following it still have a decent community that you can play with and they are always around to help you out. Starting out in the game is not easy especially if you are playing a Summoner where your objective is to figure out when, where and what minions to place to defend your base. You have the most zone control, but you have zero combat capabilities and you are pure strategy based.

There are many classes to choose from all of which I cover in the video below, some of which are very entertaining and others are a pain due to their lack of combat skills (Summoner). While some of them are not particularly bad I find the classes such as the Jester and Summoner to both suffer.

While the visuals are not the most beautiful thing ever the game is quite enjoyable especially if you like strategy based games. You will still find a sense of beauty in the game through all of the colors, but it is not going to be comparable to Tera.

I recommend that if you or your friend has yet to play Dungeon Defenders buy it as a “stocking stuffer” and let them be entertained for weeks.


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