This is a new smartphone brand from Spain that hopes to appeal to the larger smartphone market. Doogee is the company behind the Doogee V Android Phone that takes the smooth and slick design of the iPhone X and powers it with Android. However, it also comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner which is an interesting feature and appears to become rarer despite its usefulness.

The Spanish technology company was spotted by a Chinese Investor back in March of 2013 most notably for its design and features. It was then soon acquired by Shenzen Kavid Communication Apparatus Co. Ltd. and is led by the Chinese company’s CEO Xin Chao. Doogee is also an official sponsor of football player Villarreal C.F. since 2014 which was done through a major deal signing and began to expand the company into the global markets.

Doogee is known for copying phone designs of leading brands such as Apple’s iPhone X and the trend looks to be continuing. Since 2016, the company copied the design of the Mi Mix series after Xiamoi‘s official launch. This is now a very common trend in the smartphone market as there are those who are focusing more on design than on features while others are focusing more on features and copying someone else’s design.

The design of the frontend of the phone is nearly identical to that of an iPhone and its back has the dual camera setup with the same design choice of Apple. While there are very little details on specs the phone looks like a nice crossbreed of Apple design and Android’s power which might be just the thing the market has been looking for.


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