What’s Good
The app is free and, can give you some really cheap and quick entertainment.


What’s Bad
The game is really repetitive, and if you try to play it on a daily basis you will slowly hate the app because you already know all the controls, and the mechanics.


Is It Worth Downloading
Yes while the app can be repetitive for some others will find the simplicity and cartoon like graphics entertaining which is something that you won’t find with any old app on the store. Just Remember that if you don’t want it uninstall it because the app is completely free.


About The App
Doodle Jump is a very popular Android app created by Lima Sky LLC that has taken the store by storm and has over 10 million downloads. The app has a very simple purpose and that is to create entertainment for the millions who are using it. The game is not very complex but for being free and having short matches it is perfect for an Android Gamer.


The goal of this game is to make your “Doodle” jump the highest to rack up more and more points, and as you get higher there are less platforms and special platforms. Instead of having solid platforms they will crack before you use them, or even start to move around on the map. However the game has ways to aid you with racking up points by adding various items to boost your “Doodle” higher in the air. The range from springs to rocket ships and everything in between and depending on the map that you choose the different items that will drop.



Many world for you to play in such as space, ice, underwater and more!
Power ups such as springs and jetpacks.
Obstacles to avoid such as little monsters or UFOs.
leaderboard: Share your score with your friends and see how you compare to other players around the globe.


How To Play
When playing the game you have to avoid falling and you have to shoot any enemies that may run across in the game. To do so you have to tilt your phone to the left and right to land on the platforms and tap the screen to take out your enemies. Make sure when playing that you remember that you can move all the way to the left or right and then you will appear on the opposite side of the screen. This will be imperative in late game.

What If I Purchased The Game Before It Went Free?
This had been an issue for a large amount of people considering about 1 million bought the game before it went free to play and you will realize that the app no longer exists and that is because the paid version was removed from the app store. However, don’t remove the paid version that you have installed because if you do then you will have ads when you download the new app. By keeping the old app when you install the new app you will not have any ads to deal with.


Performance: 9/10
Entertainment: 7/10
Value: 10/10



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