Instagram, has announced three new ways to help you discover new products, shop for your favorite brands and more. Seems like Instagram is coming in to save the day right before the holidays!

When you come across an item that you’re interested in, save it to your Instagram Shopping collection to visit it later. When you find a product in your stories or feed you can save it. To save it to your collection at the bottom right simply tap the save icon. Just like existing collections you can access your shopping collection directly from your Instagram profile.

The best thing is that it allows you to easily save products in an accessible place where you’re likely to find inspiration for gifts. I personally have made use of this feature and it’s quite useful.

Shopping On Business Profiles

Instagram is also testing a new design for the shop tab on business profiles. The tab will allow you to view all products featured from their shopping posts. To see this, simply go to a business profile tap on the shop button to view all their products. Other information such as the item name, price and the post where the product was featured.

Additionally, you can now shop for products in Instagram’s videos. When you see a video in your feed from a brand that you’re following there will be a shopping icon at the bottom left corner. When you tap the icon it will reveal the featured products from the video (as well as some other related products).

Overall, these new features will do nothing but improve your Instagram experience, and are just in time for the holiday experience! What are your thoughts on the new features have you made use of them already or do you plan on doing so?


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