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WordPress is a very powerful platform and we will give you the latest news tips and tricks to keep your WordPress website running smoothly.


How To Enable CloudFlare’s Cache Everything For WordPress

CloudFlare is a very powerful CDN that is free but doesn't lack in features. It can make your site fly like a rocket and reduces your load time dramatically. This is done by caching...
Stop WordPress Comment Spam

WordPress Stop Spammers With A Custom Comment Blacklist

WordPress has many built-in tools that can help reduce comment spam but they are rarely used as they require manual intervention. This being said while plugins like Askimet are useful they do add an...
Envato Market Plugin

How To Update Plugins & Themes Automatically From Envato

WordPress is great because it has a community of thousands of developers with tens of thousands of themes and plugins. Part of the appeal of downloading plugins from Wordpress.org is knowing that your plugins...
WordPress Cron

How To Optimize WP Cron – Using Real Cron Jobs

WordPress comes with a default WP Cron that is a pseudo Cron Job in WordPress that is meant to perform automatic tasks such as scheduling of posts, and various jobs for plugins and themes....
BuddyPress Languages

How To Fix BuddyPress Titles When Using Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin on the market and their team is renowned as some of the most experienced and reliable SEO's in the world. That being said, BuddyPress the "social...

How To Add Color to Your Mobile Browser Address Bar in WordPress

Both Android and IOS devices allow you to style the address bar by adding color to it. This can be done by adding a meta tag to your header, and the best part it...
Limit WordPress HeartBeat

WordPress How To Optimize Heartbeat Without A Plugin

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and a common mantra that you see in the developer community is to optimize the performance by reducing the number of plugins. While there is...
CloudFlare Universal SSL

How To Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL For WordPress

CloudFlare is an interesting service that offers many performance improvement settings such as its famed Rocket Loader tool. In addition to performance the serviceĀ is also capable of securing your website via a WAF (Web...
WP Admin Bar

How To Hide The Admin Bar In WordPress

The WordPress admin bar is a very handy and useful feature it allows you to easily edit front end content, or access certain plugins functions quickly. That being said it can also be an...
Wordpress Security

WordPress Patches 3 Security Flaws

WordPress has released an update that has patched three security flaws in the CMS including a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, and an SQL Injection problem which could lead to infection as the ability to...


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