Destiny has sold over 500 million dollars on launch day making it the most successful new IP in video game history. Activision Blizzard the company behind other IPS such as World of Warcraft confirms this to be their most successful launch of a new IP.

The game has had millions of dollars in preorders, day one sales, online retailing, has made destiny cross the 500 million dollar mark.

Destiny was developed by Bungie who was the former developer of the Halo series. The developer hopes that the destiny franchise will continue in a story that will last for 10 years or more.

While this is not the best-selling video game of all time it can claim the award for the best-selling new IP of all time. Keep in mind on its first day Call Of Duty Ghosts sold over 1 billion dollars worth of copies and Grand Theft Auto V sold over 800 million dollars. However, Activision Blizzard is probably one of the best known game companies in the industry due to their record-breaking sales with each installment of their many series, and their newest start-up  Destiny.

Destiny takes a new spin on the first person shooter idea instead of just doing another Call of Duty it took aspects of Halo’s Sci Fi made it more appealing with an entirely new styling. Then it made the combat feel more intense which is something that we do not get out of traditional shooters such as COD, and Halo. For a company that is no longer working on the Halo franchise Destiny has proven to already be a major competitor and arguably a better game than that of Halo.

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