WordPress has an extensive plugin store where you can find thousands upon thousands of plugins for your website. Many of which can be quite useful to not only to add functionality but to improve the value of your website overall.

However, many website tend to go a little overboard with the amount of plugins that they have installed and this not only drags down the load time it causes a mess for the administration section. Many of the plugins that people commonly use are not even needed and can be integrated into your theme. You don’t even need the plugins installed you can use basic JavaScript as a replacement to many of the plugins that are on the store.

Plugins That You Do Not Need

  1. Share buttons. Any form of share buttons is a waste of server resources. There are plenty of alternatives that are better and more features rich than what you are probably using. For instance, Addthis is a great service that allows you to not only add share buttons but, content recommendations widgets, follow buttons, as well as conversion widgets that will make your website more socially optimized.
  2. YARPP or similar plugins. Related posts can be and should be built directly into your theme this way you are using less serve resources that would otherwise require more scripts, additional style sheets and more PHP calls. You could argue that specialized services such as Nrelate would be recommended for a plugin, but you may also add the script directly into your theme.
  3. Basically, any plugin that can be implemented into your theme or by third-party script should not be implemented by plugin.

Plugins Can Be Additive

There are soo many plugins on the directory that it can be quite addictive for you to keep installing more. The idea is plugins are here to make our lives easier, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. The more plugins you have the slower your website is and the worse it is for your user. Try using fewer plugins and instead add the code in VIA JavaScript. Or instead of adding new CSS files use the ones you have and write to them with the editor. WordPress is a great open-source platform and there are many ways for you improve your website, but adding more and more plugins is not the way to go.

Plugins Can Weaken Your Security

There are a lot of poorly made plugins for WordPress and each plugin can come with its own vulnerability filling your website up with these plugins can lead to your website being riddled with vulnerabilities. If you have an old plugin that you can’t replace try replacing it with one that is still developed or has been updated recently. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress chances are is you are going to find a few doubles.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of WordPress plugins that you will need and many of them that can be replaced it is up to you to decide on what plugins you wish to keep but do not have an extraneous amount that will damage your load time. If you do your profits will go down, your visitors will go down, and your satisfaction rate will go down. Keep a fast, clean, and feature rich website for your visitors to be happy.


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