A recent video from the Daily Show has done something a little different. Instead of targeting Christians or politicians, they have targeted atheists. This episode which aired on Dec.9 has left us all laughing insanely not just because of the topic, but because of how hilarious the conversation was regarding the atheist group. You have to watch it to truly understand how pathetic it truly is.

Jordan Klepper from the Daily Show talked to Dan Baker who is the co-founder of Freedom from Religion Foundation, about a major issue that was plaguing the group which is Mary’s Gourmet Diner. This restaurant was offering discount to users who “prayed” but atheists that were interviewed by Jordan Kepler stated that they have been given the discount for thanking the chef.

Later Mary stated that no one even had to pray just having a quick moment of silence or doing a kind act such as thanking the chef would get them the discount.

Dan Baker refused saying that he didn’t want to close his eyes or leave a moment of silence because insisted it was against his ideals. He then stated that if any atheist did this then they themselves would be “hypocrite atheists”.

Keppler mocked this statement by stating “Well what’s going to happen if you’re a hypocrite atheist? You going to go to ‘not Hell'”.

Barker only made it worse on himself by comparing their fight to that of the civil rights movement. Keppler laughed at the entire scenario, and then continued his investigation leading to a moment of silence where both he and the restaurant owner agreed that Dan was over reaction and that what they were fighting for was rather petty.


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