When it comes creating a successful widget, there are many things that you will want to do. Then there are somethings that you don’t want to do, such as making it difficult for users to edit or to make it overly complicated.

Lets say that you have designed a widget and want to give it away for free, and naturally you want to make it readily available for every potential user. You will also want credit for the widget, and many times we will have people try to do the annoying place my link at the bottom or in every comment. This is something not to do, and we will explain why that is.

What Not To Do

Don’t place your links at the bottom of a widget or in the comments. When you want credit for your widget you will want to give the user the option to promote your website. The reason that you want to do this as opposed to placing it in the widget, is that it looks very spammy, and the Google Crawler is now watching for these unnatural links which are any links that have no content value. Instead allow the popularity of the widget to grow, and then people will naturally refer to you. Not only is this far more professional it will also increase your Google Page Rank.

Don’t keep the widget script on your server. This mistake is so very common, and the reason that you dont want to do this, is that it will slow down your server and load time. Not only that, it allows you to change the widget content which is a security threat to anyone who is using it. Instead host it on Google drive, or Google sites since these are very fast, and you cant edit the script from the storage.

Don’t leave the widget uncompressed. This is almost a no brainier compressing a script allows it to run faster by freeing up useless code, and it can take a couple of seconds. This will also increase the chances of your widget to be chosen over the competition.

What To Do

  • Always make sure the script loads quickly, through compression and moving it to an outside server.
  • Always have images properly coded with alt and title tags.


Basically when it comes to designing a widget make sure that it is responsive, and that you are not slapping your own name over the widget. You claiming that you designed this widget makes it next to impossible to believe. How do you know someone else did not create the very same widget. Remember that You Don’t Own The Code.


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