Google Chrome is awesome and is without a doubt the most powerful browser on the market. That being said, it is also a major memory hog and it is known to cause a lot of issues in terms of its memory consumption. Open a few tabs or install a new add-on and you are bound to consume a large amount of memory.

A quick common solution is simply force close the browser then open it back up that way all of the tabs can be reopened. Normally you will see a reduction in memory and instead of explaining why that is, let’s just call it magic.

Instead of installing another extension or add-on, let’s go back to the basics. You can actually create a simple yet powerful bookmark that will restart the browser for you.

How To Make The Bookmark

To create this bookmark for Windows users hit CONTROL + D and for Mac users hit COMMAND + D and then enter the following url: chrome://restart and after you have entered that, the browser should restart on its own whenever you click this bookmark.

Remember that you can also look at some other important chrome urls by simply going to chrome://chrome-urls and this will show you some extra urls that are in chrome.


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