Could Common Core End Creationist Teachings In School? This can be quite an interesting question as it makes us wonder is common core going to kill creationist teachings in school. The reason that the idea is in question is that it creates a rigid curriculum of items that need to be covered, but it is meant to be more fun to the students.

The fact is that Bill Nye points out an interesting idea that we are all born needing to learn certain items such as algebra, biology, chemistry, English, and much more. This does mean that if students are to be exposed to evolution they are not going to be taught creationist ideas unless it is in a place of worship. This also means we can expect heavier explanation and more in-depth elaboration of the topic of evolution without fear of offending their students.

Bill Nye is a popular activist when it comes to this debate of religion vs science and he actively brings up the fact of how people will dismiss and idea such as evolution despite evidence of it existing. Billy Nye has another video stating that creationism is not appropriate for children.

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It raises awareness to the question of whether or not children should or should not be taught creationism. In public schools it would be a wise idea to separate them and keep religion in a private place. The separation of church and state is an idea that many use to argue the removal of creationism from traditional schools. Whether or not it should be removed is up to you but we should not fear teaching evolution. There is no offense

Whether or not we want creationism to be removed from public schools the way common core appears to function we should expect to see a decrease of public schools teaching creationist ideas and more science heavy curriculums.

What do you think about Bill Nye’s video is he right or wrong on the issue.


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